Karla Lamley

Having worked in the healing and medical profession for over 20 years, I've had the opportunity to see human beings at their best and at their worst. I have witnessed how fragile life can be and the profound resilience of the human spirit. I've studied a number of spiritual faiths with the desire to understand more deeply our own divinity and potential as spiritual human beings.

While I have had many profound spiritual experiences and awareness in my life, it was not until I visited two small towns in Central America in 2007, that ”all is one" and the "joy of selfless service" became a tangible understanding for me. Now I truly recognize that we are all one and connected to all of life.

The extent of love and connection that I experienced while visiting Central America, graced me with the knowledge of genuinely being a part of everything and everyone. Even with a language barrier, we somehow communicated more clearly and more openly, than at times, I have been able to communicate with people in my own culture and language. From this overwhelming feeling of love and oneness that I experienced came the inspiration to establish the Heart of Everything Foundation.