Our Values





Healers aren't holy beings sent down from the light, they emerge from the darkness after learning how to heal and radiate the glow of transformation.

Our Practice

We use a functional medicine approach with a 5 pillar frame work for wholeness and health. We use a combination of conventional medication, nutrition, supplements, education, personal empowerment, spiritual support and compassionate inquiry to help guide you to connect to your own innate wisdom allowing you to address traumatic experiences and life challenges to overcome obstacles and achieve the quality of life you desire.

About Karla

Karla specializes in PTSD and Trauma and uses a compassionate approach to help clients reprocess traumatic memories so the brain and nervous system can reorganize and reframe painful events and experiences, allowing integration and wholeness to return to the mind, body and spirit.

The way out.....is in

Meaning the way out of pain, confusion, disconnection and separateness is going inside ourselves and bringing our own pain and illusion of separateness into a realization that we are all one. My pain is your pain your pain is may pain.


Karla and I had a coaching session that blew me away. She was able to go exactly where I needed to go, and I felt the grace of her skills after my first session. If you know that there is something more to you and feel that you need to move in a new direction or even if you just want to fine tune the path you are on, Karla can work with you to find what feels right to you deep inside. You know how some people seem to know their "calling" in life and yet some of us feel what we are doing isn't what we were meant to do? but we just can't put our finger on it? ...this will help you gain the clarity you need to move through your life on a path with a heart.....Your heart.

Donna R. Hudson, Fl